Why Captain Taxi is preferably best for you?

Has an unfortunate cow derailed a local train? Have bus drivers gone on strike? Is the transport system in meltdown? Keep people updated on the latest public transport news affecting the region, especially if you’re likely to benefit from it. Detail how long the disruption is likely to last plus some alternative routes, by road, preferably by taxi. Captain Taxi brings you the opportunity to get a reliable and convenient Taxi experience.

Captain Taxi in Regina

Captain Taxi is the leading Taxi Company with reliable, friendly, safe, sleek and convenient services, is now coming to Regina soon to break the Monoply. With the advent in Technology, now calling for the best cabs will be alot easier through Captain Taxi Regina.


Captain Taxi aimed at breaking monoply, taking part in city hall's new enterprise license program. " The advent of ride sharing in Saskatoon makes this a most unlikely time to start a new cab company. We are here to help the Drivers. We think happy cab driver means a happy customer. We want the drivers to feel less stress, more happy ". (CEO Zuhaib Jahangir)
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