Lost & Found


Have you recently booked your ride with us and have lost something during the ride? Call the driver immediately in case you have forgotten any belongings in the taxi. You can find the phone number of the driver in the Push Notification or from the booking details. Besides this, you can go to the order history section to check out the details of the driver

What to do?

For a quick response to the query, it is advised to get back to the driver or us within 24 hours after finishing the ride. It is to ensure that your request is timely processed and your belonging is tracked as quickly as possible

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If you cannot find the details of the driver in the above-mentioned sources, then you should also check the SMS with the order information if you have booked the ride through the website. We disseminate the information through multiple means to make sure you have it with you in case you have accidentally deleted it from one source.


In case you have left the phone in the taxi that has the SMS confirmation, then send us an email from the address as per your booking details. By any means, if you are unable to contact the driver, you can reach out to our customer support using the feedback form.

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